Dakota Brands International was founded on July 15, 1992. The company is an Oregon Corporation targeting the Industrial, Food Service, Club Store and Private Label segments of the Food Industry.

The production facility was built in 1971 by Dakota Bake-N-Serv to produce frozen bread and roll dough. It is located in Jamestown, North Dakota on eight (8) acres of land leased from the Jamestown Airport Authority.

In October of 1984 Dakota Bake-N-Serv was acquired by J. L. Foods in Eugene, Oregon and mini bagels were added to the line. In October of 1990 Dakota Bake-N-Serv was sold to Rhodes International. However, the Jamestown plant remained a part of J. L. Foods producing mini bagels and co-packing roll dough. When J. L. Foods was acquired by H. J. Heinz in 1991 the plant became a part of Ore-Ida Foods. During a Heinz restructuring in 1992 the facility was sold by Ore-Ida to its current owners.

The plant is capable of freezing 48,000 pounds of product within a 24-hour workday with current equipment. Is it staffed with non-union personnel who have extensive experience producing high quality, frozen, yeast raised flour products. All management and supervisory personnel have 15-35 years of experience at the plant.